How It Works

Getting access to this facility is very simple.

Complete all the fields marked with an "*". Upon completion click the "SUBMIT" button.

This action will forward your details to IQ Dome Management Systems to generate your account, access and register contents. Within 24 hours you will be provided with payment details, an invoice and electronic transfer details to make payment to IQ Dome Management Systems.

When you register you need to choose your own passwords for administrator and viewer access. Once your register has been activated on the system you must use your username and password to gain access to the register.

For detailed information on the legal register you can also view a demo company with pre-loaded legislation by using the following information:

Username: sales@iqdome.co.za
Password for administrator: tester
Password for viewer: demo

This will provide you with a good idea of how the register works and the advantageous thereof.

If you have any queries you can contact IQ Dome Management Systems at info@iqdome.co.za

Administrator rights gives you the right to "work" in the system whereas viewer rights only gives persons the right to see the contents of the register. Viewers cannot make any changes to the system only persons with administrator's right can do so.


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